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How To Breed a Winning Culture

Recently a friend took a position as a global Human Resource director. She asked me the following question:

What advice would I give to executives in order to run a more cohesive and high moral driven company.

Here‘s what I said:

I told her to have all management, from CEO down to make the following promise.

I promise you:

There is room for everyone to win, and there are no exceptions to this statement. From startups, small businesses, mom & pop shops, to multi-national corporations; there is always room for everyone to succeed through collaboration and assisting others.

Reach out and mentor someone, offer a helping hand, collaborate with everyone and anyone, don’t let zip codes or titles prohibited you. Reach out to friends, strangers, former co-workers and colleagues consistently.

If you are about winning, and breeding a winning mentality, then it has to be bigger than you and your immediate success. It has to be bigger than individuals and individual inclination for immediate self-advancement.

Show people how to win, open the door for others and guide them, or even better-win together.

Too often people feel like they have be the only show in town at the top and the only way to do that is through self-prominence.

There’s so much room for everyone to be recognized, work together and lift one another up through learning from others and collaborating.



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